Holistisch consult, healing en Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Your health is our priority

Annie Hulters

Healer, medium-therapist & coach

Do you want to

  • Reconnect with your essence?
  • Rediscover your true self with our healing techniques?
  • Do you feel like you've lost yourself?
  • Are you experiencing grief that you just won't let go of?
  • Do you have trouble processing a (traumatic) experience?
  • Are you hindered from living the way you want?
  • Are you not getting any further spiritually?
  • Do you notice a blockage that keeps you stuck in your development?
  • Don't you dare to be who you are?Do you want to lift your block, but can't?
  • Don't know how to let go of what limits you from being yourself?

With our forms of spiritual, energetic, mental and emotional healing, the cause of your problems becomes clear and you can get the opportunity to receive messages from a higher source of intelligence. By raising your energy field, blockages in your chakras, nadis, energy channels and ways of thinking are released, so that your energy can flow freely again.

All-in consultation 

Healing, mediumship & coaching

With our All-in healing consultation you will come into contact with the higher source of light and information. In an hour's time, we will provide insight into the cause of your problem, so that you can discover what you need to make the change you are looking for. I invite you to let go of your expectations and to be open to new insights.

We are qualified in basic medical and psychological knowledge, but work on mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages that affect the physical level that can cause a complaint in your body. By working on the underlying cause of your complaint, a relief or mitigation is possible, but not a promise.

If necessary, we will refer you to an expert.

Regression & Hypnotherapy

In the deepest part of your mind are stored memories that come from both this life and past lives. Sometimes these memories carry a negative charge, which can block you. Our (medium) regression and (mediumic) hypnotherapy can help you transform these negative influences into something positive.

With us you go deeper than just the conscious level and together we dive into the hidden layers of your subconscious.

Healing on 5 levels

Our forms are not just an energy treatment.

It is an adventure that takes you through the different layers of your being – physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Imagine being enveloped by a warm, loving light that comes directly from a divine source, penetrating to the core of your DNA.

What sets these treatments apart is the purity and intelligence of the energy. There is no need for a manual, no direction to give; The light frequencies know exactly where to go to support your healing process. It's like having an inner GPS that communicates directly with the universe, guiding you on your path to healing and enlightenment.

I'm your guide

As your personal guide in this process, I act as a link between you and these higher frequency energies of light and love. Together with the divine source, the angelic energy, Reiki energy, Reconnection and these miraculous light frequencies, we activate your natural ability to heal and raise your vibrational frequency. It's a bit like shaking up a snow globe; Everything that no longer suits you is released, creating space for light

Total 75 mins | 95,00 Euro

Including telephone coaching after your energy session

You immediately understood where my problem was and gave me a clear answer to my question. That was really nice, because then I knew where I stood.

After the conversation and the treatment, I can now move forward better, without all kinds of beliefs getting in the way. So I can do my own thing.



Do you have any questions?

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