Holistisch consult, healing en Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Healing on 5 levels

Healing on deeper layers with energy work, mediumship & coaching

Addressing pain points

Pain in your body, restlessness and fear, bereavement, grief, trauma, uncertainty, flight, fight, freeze, survival - these are all signs that you could use some extra help. Through my experiences and clear insights, I understand that it is sometimes difficult to allow a change. Let me help you to receive more clarity in your life and to rediscover your true self.

The benefits of our approach

Your well-being is our priority. We work in a holistic way, looking at your situation from different angles. In this way, we can tackle the underlying causes and sustainably support you in your growth and development. We always do this in combination with healing and our healing methods.

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Improves your overall well-being

- Gives more insight into yourself and your life situation

- Helps you to better exert

- Increase your self-love, self-confidence and self-acceptance

After three sessions, many changes have been made to my patterns. I felt much calmer after the first session and noticed a difference in several areas.



I experienced the healing as very pleasant. Images came up of something I couldn't let go of. Now I notice that I can deal with it much better. Naturally, there was a lot more space in myself.



Your healing 

What sets these treatments apart is the purity and intelligence of the energy. There is no need for a manual, no direction to give; The light frequencies know exactly where to go to support your healing process. It's like having an inner GPS that communicates directly with the universe, guiding you on your path to healing and enlightenment. A healing session is a holistic treatment in which you are experienced on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

is supported. During the session I use mediumistic gifts to communicate the cause of your blockages to you as clearly as possible, so that you can initiate the change you need.

As your personal guide in this process, I act as a link between you and these higher frequency energies of light and love. Together with the divine source, the angelic energy, Reiki energy, Reconnection and these miraculous light frequencies, we activate your natural ability to heal and raise your vibrational frequency and use our healing techniques such as regression and hypnotherapy to heal from your subconscious mind. 

Stagnation of personal and spiritual growth;
ADHD, mild autism and related disorders;
Relationship problems with your partner, parent, child or colleague;
Condition: Depression, burnout, mood swings, borderline, phobias, sleep problems, nightmares;
Traumas; insecurity, keeping things small, claustrophobia, fear of heights, sexual abuse, incest, fears, fear of the streets, inner child, loss and bereavement;
Cause of Addictions and obsessive behavior;
Physical complaints: entire body

    Are you ready for a change?

    Annie Hulters

    Why choose our services?

    I have years of experience as a medium therapist, healer and coach. Moreover, I work from the Divine source of love, information and light and I guide with a sincere passion to support you in your personal growth and development. Together we will look for your inner strength, so that you can go through life full of confidence and self-love.

    Licensed and certified in:

    • Paramedical & psychological mediumship
    • Medium-therapy: Regression, hypnotherapy, family constellation, trans-healing
    • Aura & Chakra healing
    • The reconnection healing
    • NRGY Kundalini
    • Tera Mai Reiki master
    • NLP & life Coaching
    • TCM Healing Methods
    • Naturopathy
    • Basic medical and psychological knowledge
    • NLP Coaching particionerPositive psychology